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1974 Datsun 260zThe Datsun 260Z also known as the Nissan Fairlady Z was the second generation Z GT two seater coupe that was produced only one year (1974) in the United States. This classic and highly sought after car was based on the Nissan S30 platform with a front engine, rear wheel drive layout. The 260Z was preceded by the 240Z and succeeded by the 280Z before the ZX line was introduced in 1979.

All of the classic 70s Datsun Z cars are highly sought after today by enthusiasts looking for everything from restoration projects to rally racers. The 260Z is particularly rare as it was only produced for the model year of 1974 in the United States although it was available in foreign markets until 1978. is the ultimate US and Canada classifieds site. Continue reading below to learn more about our site, along with a brief introduction and history of the 260Z generational body design. If you wish to jump directly into our listings use the classifieds navigation to the far right of this page.

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Welcome to the top source online to find classic Datsun 260Z cars for sale across North America. We are dedicated to aggregating and displaying both Craigslist and eBay listings from the United States and Canada along with ads posted directly to this site. We update our classifieds section on a weekly basis to ensure the newest listing are captured and presented here.


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One of our major goals is to serve as the most comprehensive place online to find all current 260Z cars for sale. We do our best to keep the site up to date in order to accomplish this. In addition we also aim to be a database for buyers to see past 260Z cars listed on this site. The purpose of this is to allow for a research point in which buyers should know what to expect to pay for a particular 260z given the following criteria:

  • Condition of Car (ie Showroom, Fair, Project, Running? etc.)
  • Features & Specifications (ie Engine Upgrades, Modifications, etc)
  • Wear & Tear Details (ie Mileage, Tire Tread, Suspension etc)
  • Vehicle Location
  • Title Status

These are just a few of the key elements to take note of when browsing our past and current listings.


Tool for Sellers is a great tool for sellers to list their cars directly here. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Direct Access to 260Z Buyers
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We do also recommend that you post your 260Z for sale on either Craigslist or eBay as you will gain access to buyers that may be looking for similar cars or ones that are simply browsing the classifieds. However you lose nothing by also listing your car here.

Another benefit we provide for sellers is the same as we do for buyers. We provide a database and research tool for current sellers to see at what asking price past and other current 260Z sellers have or are currently listing their cars for sale. Based on the buyer criteria above our database should give you a good barometer for the fair market value of your Z.

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To navigate our classifieds section you can use the links to the far right of this page. There we have segmented our listings based on key criteria for the 260Z including the 2+2 body style and 1974.5 models. You can also narrow your search geographically by state or province. To see all of our current listings sorted by most recent click on the 1974 model year link. Lastly if you are looking for parts check out the Parts Feed for 260z specific OEM parts as well as general fit aftermarket accessories.

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A Brief Overview of the Nissan S30 & History of the 260Z

1974 Datsun 260ZThe S30 platform was brought to the United States as the Datsun Z series and started with the 240Z in 1970. The compact sports car was an immediate hit and went on to win rally competitions and magazine awards alike. The Z series timing was fortuitous as it landed during a unique time for the automotive industry when emissions and safety standards along with fuel economy became a focus. Because of these among other factors the Z saw many design changes both between and during the three major generational design periods.

260z Improvement AdThe 260z took what made the 240z Popular and improved it with an enlarged engine from 2.4 to 2.6L which resulted in greater power or a total bhp of 165. This however was negatively impacted for US models due to federal emission regulations limiting ignition timing and compressions ratios. This power however would be restored during the halfway point of the model year with the special 1974.5 model which also featured large safety bumpers as mandated by unrelated regulations. This design would became the basis for the 280Z.

Another unique feature that the 260Z brought was the 2+2 seating option. An additional 11.9 in of wheelbase helped to accommodate this along with larger opening quarter panel windows. Other improvements and key features for the 1974 Datsun 260Z model year are as follows.

  • Redesigned dash with streamlined control scheme
  • Larger extended chassis rails resulting in increased stiffness
  • Rear sway bar added
  • Upgraded interior including seat trim and door panels
  • Updated tail lights

1974 Datsun 260z 2+2 Ad

It should be noted that the 260z was available as a 4 speed manual or three speed auto. The engine was the 2.6L L26 inline six although it is common to see them swapped for the larger 2.8L from the 280z. To see the full list of features and specs see our Specifications page.  Also see our Photo Gallery for a selection of images from around the web.